Submitting Your Digital Content

We accept these digital file types for submission:

Documents: PDF, ePUB
Images: PNG, JPG, GIF
Optional separate cover/thumbnail image for any submission: JPG (400×276 pixels minimum)

FPLD does not pay for submissions; however:

  • Your work will be available to approximately 32,190 active Fountaindale cardholders.
  • Note: FPLD patrons can view and stream your content, but not download or share it.
    • The print edition will be available for loan via the library's local author collection.
      • You can link your content to your website or blog.
      • This is a non-exclusive license agreement. You will continue to own all the rights to the content which means that you are free to share or sell it elsewhere.
      • If you find other outlets for your work, it’s fine with us. If it’s not fine with the other outlets, you can notify us and we will pull your content from FPLD.

Need help preparing any of your content for submission?

Contact Studio 300 for assistance at 630.685.4260 or